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Medios is the competence partner for specialty pharmaceuticals and is one of the leading providers in Germany.

As experts in the supply of medicinal products, the manufacture of patient-specific therapies and drug safety, including blistering, we cover all relevant aspects of the supply chain in the specialty pharma sector. For Medios, the focus is always on an optimal supply to patients via the specialized pharmacy. To this end, we prioritize cooperative partnerships and promote the networking of all players in this special market segment.

Medios is dedicated to shaping the future of individualized medicine.

Supply of Medicinal Products

Supply of Medicinal Products

Partner for Pharmacies Supplying Specialty Pharma medications

As a supplier of specialized medications, Medios offers pharmacies a wide range of services and a strong network of expertise.


Reliable Manufacturer of Patient-Specific Therapies

Find out more about the manufacture of patient-individual medicinal products at Medios, our high standards and complementary services.

Partner Network

Combined Expertise

Benefit from the combined expertise and positive synergy effects of our open supply network as one of our partners.

One Partner for All Areas

From the supply of medicinal products and GMP-compliant manufacturing to safe blistering, Medios AG unites its various business units to offer essential specialty pharma services from one single source.



Get to know the members of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board of Medios here.


Nationwide, regional, and strong supply network

As an expert in specialty pharma, Medios offers a strong nationwide supply network that ensures high availability and supports specialized pharmacies and medical practices in their complex daily work.