• Leadership at the Medios Group

Leading onself

Be a role model

"Managing" oneself requires developing clarity about one’s own leadership role and the associated requirements, acting in accordance with one’s role and with responsibility, fairness, respect, and integrity, remaining critical of oneself, and having confidence in one’s own ability and the ability of others to develop.

Above all, however, it also means approaching new challenges with an open mind and focus and being a role model in this process; after all, change and transformation begin with ourselves.

Leading Employees and Teams

Offer guidance

One of a manager’s core jobs is to provide employees and teams with the guidance and support they need. This includes, for example, communicating the mission and vision of the Medios Group, its values and standards, goals, plans, measures, and creating optimal conditions for employees to implement them. Resources and competences are connected in a meaningful way, and information flows are controlled effectively.

This succeeds if managers communicate in a transparent and understandable manner (in compliance with all of the important regulations governing a public company) and if actions and words match.

Demand and foster personal accountability

Managers at the Medios Group model independent and results-driving working methods and demand them from and foster them in all employees, because employees and teams who are independent, willing to learn, and capable of change are at the core of our company’s success.

At the Medios Group, leadership means continuously encouraging others in their personal and professional development, setting specific goals, providing constructive feedback, and acting with an appropriate level of consistency. We view mistakes as opportunities to improve and establish a corresponding culture of learning within our teams.

Achieve results

Customer focus is not only deeply ingrained in the mindset and behavior of all Medios managers. They actively model it and always support employees in focusing on the needs of their (internal and external) customers and creating genuine customer value in line with our vision.

With a focus on customer benefits, managers constantly review and optimize structures, processes, collaboration, and results in order to continuously increase excellent performance, productivity, profitability, and motivation. Achieving outstanding results is a manager’s most important contribution.

Leading Medios into the Future

Living partnership intelligence

Lasting success is only possible through connection and collaboration. That is why the managers of the Medios Group both enshrine and enable “Partnership Intelligence” as a guiding value in their area of responsibility.

They promote an open-mindedness to new ideas and “thinking outside the box of one’s own profession” and actively counteract “departmental egoism” and a “silo mentality.”

As managers, they create a working atmosphere characterized by team spirit, passion, commitment, and performance.

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How We Work

We create a global platform to bring the most innovative pharmacotherapies to where they are needed.

Our vision: Enabling the most innovative tailored therapies for everybody.

What Recommends Us

From an interesting range of tasks to strong social benefits and additional advantages, Medios has a lot to offer as an employer.

Supply of Medicinal Products

Supply of Medicinal Products

Partner for Pharmacies Supplying Specialty Pharma medications

As a supplier of specialized medications, Medios offers pharmacies a wide range of services and a strong network of expertise.


Reliable Manufacturer of Patient-Specific Therapies

Find out more about the manufacture of patient-individual medicinal products at Medios, our high standards and complementary services.

Partner Network

Combined Expertise

Benefit from the combined expertise and positive synergy effects of our open supply network as one of our partners.

One Partner for All Areas

From the supply of medicinal products and GMP-compliant manufacturing to safe blistering, Medios AG unites its various business units to offer essential specialty pharma services from one single source.



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Nationwide, regional, and strong supply network

As an expert in specialty pharma, Medios offers a strong nationwide supply network that ensures high availability and supports specialized pharmacies and medical practices in their complex daily work.