Executive Directors

Medios AG Manfred Schneider

Chairman of the board

Manfred Schneider

Berlin, Germany

Manfred Schneider, born June 26, 1962 in Hannover, is a member of the board and Chief Executive Officer of Medios AG since October 2016. Following his Pharmacy studies at the Freie Universität in Berlin he received his official license to work as a pharmacist. He founded his first BerlinApotheke and from it built a group of 4 specialised pharmacies. Also, Schneider founded two of the current subsidiaries of Medios AG – Medios Pharma GmbH and Medios Manufaktur GmbH. As an experienced pharmacist and Medios AG CEO, Mr Schneider possesses a long-standing expertise in the Speciality Pharmacy sector and is very well networked within the health care system.

Medios AG Matthias Gärtner

Board Member

Matthias Gaertner

IT Specialist
Berlin, Germany

Matthias Gärtner, born July 3, 1967 in Bensheim, is a member of the board since November 2014, and Chief Financial Officer of Medios AG since October 2016. Following his studies of Computer Sciences at the Universität Karlsruhe he founded the software development firm e.multi Digitale Dienste, which he later launched at the stock exchange as the majority stock holder. As chairman of e.multi Digitale Dienste AG he acquired 51 percent of today’s be-at-home AG. This again was followed by Mr Gaertner holding positions in management and supervisory boards of several market-listed companies and fonds. Due to his experience he has gained more than 20 years of expertise in the establishment, management and controlling of corporations and his well networked within the IT and financial industry.

Medios AG Mi-Young Miehler

Board Member

Mi-Young Miehler

Business Economist
Berlin, Germany

Mi-Young Miehler, born March 1969 in Seoul, is a member of the board (Chief Operating Officer, COO) of Medios AG since July 2017 and Managing Director of Medios Pharma GmbH since June 2015. She studied Business Administration at Berufsakademie Ravensburg as well as Korean Studies at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen and the University of London. During the integrated degree program at Dr. Karl Thomae GmbH, today Boehringer Ingelheim, she gained her first professional experience. Later, she worked as an inhouse consultant at Schott Glas in Mainz as well as a pr consultant at Scholz & Friends Agenda GmbH in Berlin. Since 2009, Miss Miehler has has held management positions at various predecessor companies of today’s Medios AG. She has years of experience in the strategy and business development as well as in the specialty pharma market.

Supervisory Board

Medios AG Yann Samson


Yann Samson


Medios AG Joachim Messner

Deputy Chariman

Joachim Messner


Medios AG Klaus Buß

Member of the Supervisory Board

Klaus Buss