Core shareholder mediosmanagement GmbH postpones share placement due to current overall market conditions

Berlin, 19 November 2018 – Medios AG (‘Medios’ or ‘Company’, ISIN: DE000A1MMCC8, WKN: A1MMCC ticker: ILM1), one of the leading Specialty Pharma companies in Germany, announces that its core shareholder mediosmanagement GmbH has decided to postpone the envisaged share placement, which was pre-announced by Medios on 23 October 2018. This decision has been taken due to the current unfavourable market conditions.

Mediosmanagement GmbH will continue to pursue its strategic target to increase the Company’s free float, its presence in the capital market, and the liquidity of its shares, by giving new investors looking for an entry into Medios’ stock an access opportunity. Accordingly, the envisaged transaction may take place at a later point in time.

To underpin their long-term commitment and the fact that there is no immediate need to sell any shares at this point in time, mediosmanagement GmbH and Manfred Schneider, Founder and CEO of Medios AG, have signed a 90 day lock up today (subject to market standard customary exemptions).

About Medios AG

Medios AG is one of the leading Specialty Pharma companies in Germany. As wholesaler for Specialty Pharma drugs and GMP-certified manufacturer of patient-specific medications, Medios covers substantial elements of the supply chain in this field and follows the highest international quality standards. Specialty Pharma drugs are, in particular, individualised infusions for patients with rare or chronic diseases like cancer, HIV and hepatitis. It is Medios’ aim to provide integrated solutions along the value chain to partners and clients, thereby ensuring an optimal pharmaceutical care for patients.

Medios AG is Germany’s first listed Specialty Pharma company. The share (WKN: A1MMCC, ISIN: DE000A1MMCC8) is listed in the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (General Standard) and Hamburg-Hannover Stock Exchange.


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