There When You Need Us:
Our hemophilia emergency number — you can reach us 24 hours a day.

  0800 516 95 71

The Best Possible Care for Hemophilia Patients — Anytime, Anywhere

Hemophilia is a hereditary blood clotting disorder that causes wounds to heal more slowly and external and internal bleeding to be heavier and last longer. The umbrella term 'hemophilia' covers various forms of coagulation disorders, each of which requires very complex disease management.

A Strong Partner for Hemophilia Pharmacy

The continuous treatment required for hemophilia calls for the highest level of expertise, reliability, speed and commitment from all parties involved. In recent years, attending physicians and pharmacies have been sharing the responsibility for comprehensive patient care. Factor-based preparations and accessories for self-administration are now no longer purchased through treatment centers, but through pharmacies.

As a pharmaceutical provider of specialty pharma, we want to help ensure that every patient can enjoy a safe and independent life with the disease. For this reason, we offer hemophilia pharmacies throughout Germany a reliable supply of all hemophilia preparations available on the market. We support hemophilia and hospital pharmacies by providing a wide range of services, from tailored advice on billing issues to training courses and nationwide emergency reserves.

Our experts are available on our hotline to respond to emergencies round the clock, 365 days a year. With our validated logistics system, we can provide urgently needed preparations quickly and safely across Germany at any time. We aim to constantly improve hemophilia patient care, so we rely on close cooperation and intensive professional exchange with all our partners.



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