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Treatment of HIV

Thanks to modern medicine, HIV infections in countries like Germany are now easily treatable. Combination therapy reduces the proliferation of viruses in the body, thus preventing the development of AIDS. Therefore, people with HIV have a good chance of normal life expectancy and quality of life if they start antiretroviral treatment early. Since HIV is not yet curable, the medication must be taken for life in a consistent way based on current scientific knowledge.

Experience, Expertise and Commitment

From the start, the treatment of HIV has been a particular focal point within the range of services offered by Medios, and it is currently one of our main areas of specialization. Individual medication adjustment is a deciding factor in the success of the treatment and also requires the pharmacy to have a great deal of professional competence and advisory skills.

One of our main concerns is making the latest developments and findings available to HIV patients. This began with the blistering of drugs for PrEP therapy, which made HIV prophylaxis significantly less expensive to dispense and was ultimately included in the health insurance service catalog. At present, "Ibalizumab" is a newly approved drug for multidrug-resistant HIV that must be infused every two weeks. In the laboratory, we produce an infusion solution from the concentrate with the monoclonal antibody and deliver it to the pharmacy.



HIV / Infectious Diseases




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