Stock Information



Share Class

No-par Value Bearer Shares

Stock Exchange Sectors / Places of Trading

Regulated Market Frankfurt
Open Market Stuttgart and Duesseldorf
Trade Gate

Paying Agent

Bank M – Repräsentanz der FinTech Group Bank AG
Mainzer Landstraße 61, 60329 Frankfurt

Share Capital

€ 14,564,019

Shareholder Structure

39.83 % Manfred Schneider
incl. attribution of Tangaroa Management GmbH
(formerly mediosmanagement GmbH) and Tangaroa GmbH & Co. KG
0.00 % directly, 39.83 % by attribution (8.21 % Tangaroa GmbH & Co. KG, 31.62 % Tangaroa Management GmbH)

3.43 % BMSH GmbH

56.74 % Freefloat
4.74 % Marcel Jo Maschmeyer
3.1 % Sampo PLC
5.11 % SEB Investment Management AB

All numbers are calculated considering the most recent
share capital of €14,564,019

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