• 2,900 Medicinal Products
  • 2,500 Cartridges
  • 350 Meters of Blister
  • 40,000 daily doses

Service and Safety
Optimally Managing Specialized Medication

Maximum safety, optimum efficiency and major time-saving make patient-specific blistering an effective tool in modern medication management. Here too, Medios is a strong competence partner at the specialized pharmacies’ side.

We offer the complete range of services for GMP-compliant drug blistering at our Magstadt location. With many years of experience, state-of-the-art technology and pharmaceutical expertise, we package prescribed medication into individual blister pouches. As an external service provider, we enable pharmacies to offer an important additional service without having to make any investment of their own. 

Good for the Pharmacy, Convenient for Carers, Ideal for Patients

Patient-specific blistering offers many advantages and is increasingly replacing the time-consuming, conventional provision of medication. Machine-produced blister packs ensure that the right medication in the right dosage is ready for the patient to take at the right time.

Advantages of Specialized Medication

  • Pre-packaged portions save time 
  • The right dosage at the right time    
  • Reduction of medication errors    
  • Optimization of drug therapy    
  • Improved quality of life

Benefits for Pharmacies

  • Expansion of the range of services without investment costs
  • More time for advice and support
  • Strong tool for creating customer loyalty and attracting new customers
  • Seamless documentation and the highest hygiene standards are guaranteed

Benefits for Patients and Care Staff

  • Maximum reliability of intake    
  • Maximum drug safety    
  • Guaranteed availability of medication    
  • More time for care, as organizing medication is no longer necessary    
  • Good and safe handling of the medication    
  • High cost savings

From the Prescription to the Individual Blister Pouch

The blistering of medically prescribed drugs consists of several steps and requires optimal coordination at technical, organizational and medical levels. The process can be broken down into six stages.

1. Ordering and checking

2. Preparation of the medication

3. Labeling

4. Photo-optic control systems

5. Further visual check

6. Delivery and recheck

Infusion Therapy

Infusion Preparations in Accordance with GMP Guidelines

As an expert in specialty pharmaceuticals, Medios manufactures infusions in accordance with GMP guidelines exclusively from finished medicinal products authorized in Germany. 


Experts in Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Medios’ range of expertise covers numerous indications in the field of chronic and rare diseases.