• 5 Stations
  • 3 Team Players
  • An Ideal Workflow

From the prescription to the individual therapy, the entire process is designed to give our partners a guarantee of maximum reliability, flexibility, safety and efficiency.

Every single step of the work process — request, manufacturing and delivery — is precisely coordinated, which makes the partnering process with Medios so quick, safe and uncomplicated.

  • The Specialist Physician

    ... orders from the specialized pharmacy.

  • The Pharmacy

    ... carries out a plausibility check of the prescription and places an order with Medios.

  • Medios

    ... carries out additional plausibility checks, manufactures the products in accordance with GMP guidelines and delivers them to the pharmacy.

  • The Pharmacy

    ... delivers to the specialist medical practices and invoices the health insurer.

  • The Specialist Physician

    ... administers the therapy.


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