Medios AG expects another significant increase in sales and profits for fiscal year 2017

  • Due to persistently high demand for personalized medicine, management board expects a sales increase of 25 percent for 2017
  • Thanks to extremely positive performance of the Specialty Pharma market, company continues its dynamic growth trend in 2016


Berlin, April 28, 2017 – Medios AG, an expert pharmaceutical partner and solution provider in the Specialty Pharma segment, expects another significant increase in sales and profits for fiscal year 2017. Due to persistently high demand for personalized medicine, the management board of the corporate group expects sales revenue of around EUR 200 million. That represents a growth rate of 24.7 percent over the pro forma figures (IFRS) for fiscal year 2016. For earnings before taxes (EBT), management expects around EUR 7 million, a 21.3 percent increase.


Manfred Schneider, CEO of Medios AG: “The Specialty Pharma market will again grow significantly in coming years. Therefore, we will increase the number of our wholesale partner pharmacies and expand our product range. In addition we will build a new manufacturing facility to expand production capacity and further develop the digitalization of the Specialty Pharma business. By purchasing real estate in Berlin-Charlottenburg and forming our new subsidiary, Medios Digital, we have laid the groundwork this year for implementing our plans in the near future. It is our goal to be the leading provider of Specialty Pharma in Germany.”


During the past fiscal year 2016, Medios AG continued its dynamic growth trend thanks to extremely positive performance in the Specialty Pharma market. Based on the pro forma profit and loss statement (IFRS), the corporation’s sales revenue rose by 78 percent to EUR 160.4 million compared to the prior year (prior year EUR 90.1 million). Operating result (EBIT) made disproportionate gains of 104.2 percent to EUR 5.78 million (prior year EUR 2.83 million), thus improving profitability: The EBIT margin rose to 3.6 percent (prior year 3.1 percent). Earnings before taxes (EBT) likewise increased significantly by 106.1 percent to EUR 5.77 million (prior year EUR 2.80 million). This essentially confirms the annual figures published in February and based on provisional consolidated calculations (pro forma, IFRS).


The annual report published by Medios AG today includes not only the pro forma IFRS figures, but also the IFRS financial statements. Due to creation of the current Medios Group during the year, these statements are affected by special factors and therefore have little meaning. The special factors include a different consideration of financial data for the group companies as a result of IFRS. Accordingly, Medios Pharma GmbH was considered for the entire calendar year, Medios AG for four months, and Medios Manufaktur GmbH for the months of November and December. Moreover, additional extraordinary personnel expenses resulting from shareholder options with no effect on financial situation were recorded along with value adjustments caused by the in-kind contribution of Medios Pharma GmbH to Medios AG. On the basis of the corresponding consolidated profit and loss statement (IFRS), sales revenues were EUR 133.2 million, operating result (EBIT) EUR -0.82 million, and earnings before taxes (EBT) EUR -2.11 million. Adjusted for special effects, this yields an EBIT of EUR 4.7 million.


The annual report for Medios AG was published today and is available for download at .



About Medios AG

Medios AG positions itself – along with its sister companies Medios Pharma, Medios Manufaktur and Medios Digital – as a competence partner and solution provider for the Specialty Pharma segment. Medios AG interconnects individual actors within the market and turns them into co-operating partners. It is our goal to guarantee best possible pharmaceutical care for patients while providing our partners and clients with integrated solutions along the supply chain. Specialty Pharma medicine are pharmaceuticals for patients with rare and chronic diseases such as certain cancer types and autoimmune / infectious diseases, which are time-consuming and cost-intensive to cure.



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