Medios AG founds a new subsidiary: Medios Digital

Berlin, January 18, 2017 – Medios AG hereby announces that it has founded a wholly owned subsidiary, Medios Digital GmbH. With a registered office in Berlin, Medios Digital GmbH has been endowed with a share capital of EUR100,000. The purpose of the company is to render development, consultancy and operational services in the field of information technology and systems technology; in particular, to render software development services, as well as software maintenance and software support services. In the future, all software development activities performed by stocklisted Medios AG and all of the group’s other companies (Medios Pharma GmbH that specializes in the wholesale distribution of specialty pharmaceutical drugs as well as Medios Manufaktur GmbH, the special manufacturer for customized pharmaceuticals for patients) will be bundled at Medios Digital GmbH.

Thanks to its unique, innovative commercial platform in the specialty pharma field, the Medios Group sees itself as a competent link between pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and other pharmaceutical clients, such as manufacturing companies. The full digitalization of the commercial platform will be one of the main focuses of Medios Digital GmbH. In the future, all partner pharmacies and clients will, among other things, have the opportunity to access the latest offers online and also to plan and place their orders online.

Medios AG
Matthias Gärtner, board member

About Medios AG
Medios AG, along with its subsidiaries Medios Pharma GmbH and Medios Manufaktur GmbH, has positioned itself in the specialty pharma segment as the go-to source for expertise and solutions. It brings together individual market players in a network of cooperating partners. Our objective is to ensure that patients have optimum access to pharmaceutical drugs and to offer integrated solutions along the value added chain to partners and customers. Specialty pharmaceutical drugs are medications for patients with rare and/or chronic illnesses (for example, certain cancers, or autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases) that require lengthy and expensive treatment.

Medios AG
Matthias Gärtner
Friedrichstraße 113a
10117 Berlin