2017-02-15 10:28 – Medios AG reports an increase in revenue and profit for fiscal year 2016

Berlin, February 15, 2017 – Medios AG, an expert pharmaceutical partner and solution provider in the Specialty Pharma segment, announces that its two subsidiary companies have developed very positively in the 2016 fiscal year. According to provisional figures (IFRS), Medios Pharma GmbH and Medios Manufaktur GmbH experienced a significant increase in revenues and profit compared to the previous year:

Medios Pharma GmbH

  • Sales revenue increased by 119% to EUR 127.5 m (prior year EUR 58.2 m)
  • EBIT* increased by 268% to EUR 3.92 m (prior year EUR 1.06 m)

Medios Manufaktur GmbH

  • Sales revenue increased by 23% to EUR 43.5 m (prior year EUR 35.3 m)
  • EBIT* increased by 16.5% to EUR 2.34 m (prior year EUR 2 m)

Because both subsidiaries are to be consolidated only for the period of time after the contribution due to the contribution occurring during the course of the year in accordance with IFRS, the management board is additionally providing provisional pro forma figures (IFRS) for fiscal year 2016 for the purpose of comparisons. According to this information, Medios AG recorded an increase in revenue and profit compared to the prior year:

  • Consolidated sales revenue pro forma increased by 78% to EUR 160.5 m
    (prior year EUR 90.1 m**)
  • Consolidated EBIT* pro forma increased by 100.4% to EUR 5.67 m (prior
    year EUR 2.83 m**)

The provisional IFRS results for the 2016 consolidated annual financial
statements are not yet available.

* EBIT is defined as the earnings before income tax minus interest income
plus interest expense
** According to securities prospectus of November 16, 2016

Medios AG
Matthias Gärtner, board member

About Medios AG

Medios AG, along with its subsidiaries Medios Pharma GmbH and Medios Manufaktur GmbH, has positioned itself in the specialty pharma segment as the go-to source for expertise and solutions. It brings together individual market players in a network of cooperating partners. Our objective is to ensure that patients have optimum access to pharmaceutical drugs and to offer integrated solutions along the value-added chain to partners and customers. Specialty pharmaceutical drugs are medications for patients with rare and/or chronic illnesses (for example, certain cancer, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases) that require lengthy and expensive customised treatment.


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