• Our UN-goals for a
  • sustainable development

Our analysis identified significant influences from current and planned corporate activities on the following six SDGs.

SDG  SDG targets  Measures at Medios 
3.3: combat AIDS and other communicable diseases  Drug supply of specialized pharmacies 
3.4: reduce premature mortality due to noncommunicable diseases and promote patients’ mental health and well-being  Drug supply and production of patient-specific therapies 
3.8: achieve universal health coverage, access to health-care services and safe, high-quality medicines 

Drug supply and production of patient-specific therapies

Expansion and strengthening of the network of specialized on-site pharmacies

Offer health measures for employees 

5.5: women’s participation and equal opportunities for leadership positions 

Establish support and mentoring programs

Annual analyses of gender pay parity

Introduce authorized representative(s) for diversity and inclusion 


8.4: improve resource efficiency 

Reusable transport boxes 
Optimization of logistics through central warehouse, among other things

Checking shipping materials for reusability and environmental compatibility 
Washable laboratory protective clothing 

8.5: full and productive employment, decent work, and equal pay for work of equal value 

Annual analyses of gender pay parity

In-house Code of Conduct 

8.7: measures to eradicate all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking 

Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Assessment 

8.8: protect labor rights and create a safe and secure working environment 

In-house Code of Conduct

Whistleblowing System

Introduction of occupational health and safety management system

(HSE: Health Safety Environment) 

9.4: upgrade infrastructure and make it more sustainable and resource-efficient through the adoption of clean technologies 

New location for manufacturing with modern laboratories

optimization of energy use

Expansion of the innovative and digital platform mediosconnect 



12.2: use natural resources efficiently 

Installation of digital electricity meters to derive efficiency measures

Logistics optimization

Checking shipping materials for reusability and environmental compatibility 

12.4: environmentally sound management of chemicals and waste through their life cycle in order to minimize their adverse impacts on human health and the environment 

Training in the handling of hazardous substances

Separate disposal of cytotoxic waste 

Personal protection of manufacturers through state-of-the-art clean rooms with safety workbenches 

12.5: reduce waste generation through prevention, recycling and reuse 

Checking shipping materials for reusability and environmental compatibility

Washable laboratory protective clothing  
Reusable transport boxes 

13.2: integrate climate protection measures into strategies and planning 

Establishment of a sustainability committee

Green power purchase

Offsetting emissions 


Claudia Nickolaus
Head of Investor & Public Relations
ESG Communications

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