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January, 11 2022

Medios AG: Successful completion of the acquisition of the NewCo Pharma Group - Significant expansion of the market position in the area of manufacturing


Medios acquires NewCo Pharma Group

Medios expands its market position in compounding and taps new growth potentials

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Quarterly Statement as of September, 30 2021

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Sustainability strategy published – comprehensive Sustainability program to be implemented by 2025

Five Arguments for Medios Shares

Our strong market position as a leading provider in Germany's specialty pharmaceutical sector is a central investment highlight. The key to our company's success is our unique business model. With the supply of pharmaceuticals, preparation of patient-specific infusions and drug safety, as well as a comprehensive range of services, Medios covers substantial parts of the supply chain. We collaborate with over 300 specialized pharmacies across Germany via our partner network — and we are constantly gaining new partners. As an experienced pharmaceutical manufacturer, we make products in our own clean room laboratories exclusively in accordance with strict GMP quality standards.

With growth of over 50 % between 2018 and 2023, the specialty pharmaceuticals segment is a driving force in the pharmaceutical market with excellent prospects for the future. Patient-specific therapies are becoming increasingly important in modern medicine and will bring about long-term change in the health system. Medical advances and demographic trends will further increase the number of therapies in this area in the future. New possibilities for treating rare and chronic diseases are constantly being added, and demand for these is growing in our aging society.

By expanding our range to include other indication areas, opening up new business areas and consistently exploiting synergies in the various corporate divisions, we are achieving long-term value growth. By adding the forward-looking blister packaging division to our portfolio, we are covering another increasingly important aspect of the specialty pharmaceutical supply chain and opening up an additional growth market. In the future, we will strengthen our position through further acquisitions and consequently benefit from the ongoing consolidation of the pharmaceutical market.

Our corporate strategy is geared toward dynamic growth and aims to reach sales of EUR 1 billion by 2023. To this end, we are continually expanding our customer base and partner network of specialized pharmacies. At the same time, we are intensifying the use of our own production facilities and expanding our existing manufacturing capacities. With the targeted expansion of our production of patient-specific therapies - the segment with the highest margins - we will ensure that Medios AG continues to grow profitably. Alongside this, we are focusing on an active and attractive M&A strategy as a growth factor for future success.

With our internally developed software platform "mediosconnect", we enable specialist physicians to link up more efficiently with health insurance companies and pharmacies.

Benefits for Specialist Physicians: a simplified ordering process from Medios partner pharmacies and more efficient billing of services
Benefits for Partner Pharmacies: The software will create stronger customer loyalty  At the same time, the needs of all parties are optimally met by focusing further innovative stages of development on the respective market or indication area.

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Quarterly Statement as of 30 September 2020

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Annual General Meeting of Medios AG

The Annual General Meeting 2021 of Medios AG took place on June 10, 2021 as a virtual AGM. You can find all the key information here.

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Medios AG is one of the best-known companies in the growth market of specialty pharmaceuticals in Germany.

Specialty pharma medicinal products are medicines for patients with rare or chronic diseases such as cancer, HIV, hepatitis or hemophilia.

Our work centers on patient wellbeing.

Medios AG is Germany's first specialty pharmaceutical company to be listed on the stock exchange.


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