Member of the Executive Board
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Born: 1969
Nationality: German
First appointed: July 1, 2017
Appointed until: January 31, 2026

Mi-Young Miehler's personal and professional background is international, spanning from South Korea, through Iraq, Malawi, Japan, the United Kingdom, Brazil, to Berlin, where she currently resides. She studied Business Administration and Korean Studies, and subsequently worked as an Inhouse Consultant in corporate strategy at Schott AG and in international project management at Scholz & Friends Group.

Mi-Young Miehler has extensive expertise in strategy and corporate development in both national and international contexts. Additionally, she possesses in-depth market knowledge in the Specialty Pharma sector.

Since 2017, Mi-Young Miehler has been a member of the Executive Board of Medios AG. As COO, she oversees the business segment of pharmaceutical supply, as well as the departments of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Human Resources, and the Transform to Growth Office.

External positions:
Mi-Young Miehler is currently not a member of any supervisory board or controlling body.