Medios AG

Medios AG, with its subsidiaries Medios Pharma GmbH and Medios Manufaktur GmbH, positions itself as a competence partner and solution provider in the Specialty Pharma segment. Medios interconnects the individual players in the market and turns them into cooperating partners. Our aim is to ensure an optimal pharmaceutical care for patients and to provide our partners and customers with integrated solutions along the value chain. Specialty Pharma medicines are medicines for patients with rare and/or chronic diseases – such as certain types of cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases or haemophilia – whose therapy is tedious and costly.

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Medios Pharma

Medios Pharma is a competence partner for specialty pharmaceuticals in Germany. We interact with market participants who specialize in the care of patients with rare or chronic diseases. With our permission for pharmaceutical wholesale in accordance with §52a AMG, we enable the market and demand-oriented supply of our partners with specialty pharmaceutical drugs. Doing so, we focus on oncology, autoimmunology and infectology. We are a market expert with a comprehensive network and many years of experience in the field of specialty pharma. Together with our partners, we achieve the utmost efficiency in the supply structure through a continuous knowledge exchange.

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Medios Manufaktur

Medios Manufaktur is a manufacturer of specialty pharmaceutical drugs in Germany. With our in-house production of individually tailored medicines and complementary services for pharmacies we cover the most important sections of the supply chain. We follow the highest international quality standards (GMP) when preparing individualised medication. The focus is on, among other things, infusion solutions for the oncology field.

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Medios Individual

Medios Individual specializes in the production of patient-specific antiviral and antibiotic solutions as well as the production of parenteral nutrition solutions. In addition, Medios Individual offers complementary services to pharmacies and partners. Our medicines and solutions are manufactured in compliance with the highest international quality standards.

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Medios Digital

Medios Digital is the internal system service provider for the Medios Group. Medios Digital develops software and infrastructure solutions for Medios AG. The company’s focus is on logistics processes such as purchase, warehouse and sales, as well as optimized trading processes with intergrated interfaces for our clients.

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Medios Group: What motivates us

Personalized medication and Specialty Pharma medicines will keep transforming the future of the health care system significantly. In this highly specialized market companies that work on their own will not be very successful.

We are the platform for indication-specific Specialty Pharma communities. Our aim is to combine as many valid and relevant parameters as possible to enable highly effective yet affordable therapies for patients.

Individual partners do not have to know each other, nor do they have to work on the same trade level. There are no fixed rules within the communities. That way, our highly specialized partners can profit from the community without having to present themselves.

We live Intelligent Partnerships

Medios Partnership Intelligence
Our aim is to put the finishing touch on market-oriented approaches based on the joint interests of the market participants, while leveraging the benefits of a collaborative effort within partnerships.

We envision a future where we serve as a catalyst in combining interests and potential synergies from individual specialty fields across all areas of the marketplace.

We’re not interested in demand patterns of the past. We intend to use our group intelligence, which is greater than the sum of its parts, to anticipate what will be relevant in the future. And we have our exceptional growth to thank for this innovative strategy.

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