Intravenous Nutrients

Be it during or after cancer treatment, in the event of severe chronic bowel disease, following surgery or in the palliative phase, if sufficient food cannot be supplied via the digestive system, a parenteral diet is indicated. Infusions allow nutrients to bypass the gastrointestinal tract and be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Optimally Supplied in Customized Nutrient Solutions

Being in good nutritional condition significantly contributes to a better overall condition of the patient, increases the chances of recovery and improves quality of life. In order to prevent malnutrition, the patient receives the necessary nutrients intravenously. Nutritional needs vary greatly depending on the symptoms and overall condition of each individual patient. For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, or dialysis patients, nutritional therapy requirements differ from those in intensive care units.

Therefore, in addition to finished standard preparations—which are supplemented with vitamins and trace elements—individually adjusted infusions are also available. This process, called compounding, is specifically tailored to the individual patient's needs and ensures an optimal nutrient supply that can be continuously adjusted.



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Parenteral Nutrition