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Infusion Preparations in Accordance with GMP
Highest Standards — Controlled Quality You Can Rely On

Reliably delivering top quality — this is the aspiration we constantly pursue with every preparation. We make no compromises and consistently guarantee high-quality and safe products.

The manufacture of patient-specific therapies for a wide variety of indications is a crucial focus at Medios. Our highly qualified employees produce the individualized medication at two locations in Berlin. Maximum safety and reliability are our top priorities. Our optimized processes allow us to achieve precisely this. Comprehensive plausibility checks of the respective prescriptions, regular self-inspections and strict adherence to international GMP guidelines enable us to guarantee the high quality of our products.

GMP — Good Manufacturing Practice
The Highest Standards as a Matter of Course 

Systematic quality assurance is indispensable in pharmaceutical practice and encompasses all aspects of production — from the active ingredients we use through to manufacture and distribution.   

Good Manufacturing Practice standards stipulate the exact requirements for quality assurance of the production processes and environments in drug manufacturing.

Medios quality management complies with international GMP guidelines. The strict monitoring of all processes ensures that our products are always of consistently high quality. 

Principles of the GMP Guidelines

  • Proven use of finished medicinal products authorized in Germany
  • Assurance of complete traceability of all raw materials
  • The highest requirements of technical equipment
  • Self-Inspections
  • Microbiological environmental monitoring of all manufacturing areas
  • Strict personal hygiene
  • Specially trained, qualified personnel and continuous further training of employees
  • Separation of areas of responsibility into the independent work fields of manufacturing, quality control and approval
  • Regular official inspections

Quality step by step

Here you can find out more about the individual ordering and production processes at Medios.

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